This page is about being true to who you are. It dosnt matter if its your religen, rase, pesonality, or what you enjoy.

I would like to end up with everybody to write about themselfs, what they like, what they dislike, type of music, personality anything really just try to add that.

We R Family

you r who you r

JT = iismouseEdit

As you all kno my name is jessica.

am a finder of this game. To tell you the truth it all started because of me and toma-hawk gamer. And are not so kool friend dyball. i'm taken (sorta), i love listens to screamo,heavy metal stuff like that, i am VERY hyper,im a tomboy, my friends think im crazy (but they say it like its real) !!!, im really loud and like to get my point across, im a big bookworm if im not haging w/ mates im reading, ANDD my fav teacher says im evil and that i kill people with my evil stare also he only calls me by my real name and be's nice to me once a year. !!!WARNING MAY CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE!!!

Superhero Squd Hero Up!!! sorry bout that i love Superheros NA-NA-NANA-NA

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