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Ultimate Dyball is a game that is played in public, where you stand in between two people, or a couple for as long as possible, and the person with the most points at the end of the round is the winner.

Here are the rules of Ultimate Dyball

-None of the participants in Ultimate Dyball are allowed to physically or mentally harm each other.

-Participants must either lay on the couple, or stand in between them.

-Complete Humping motions (10) gives you 5 points.

-Every 3 seconds of Dyballing gives you 1 point.

-You are allowed to re-attempt if immediately ejected.

-If you are pushed away ten seconds after re-entry, you lose two points.

-If you are ejected, you lose 1 point.

-Re-entries must be within 10 seconds of being ejected.

-Humping motions must be directed at somebody in the couple.

-Must wear a Ultimate Dyball jersey, or if not possible, don't wear a jersey.

Creators of the gameEdit

JT - Iismouse

Aaron - Toma-hawk gamer

Shaz - xoxicecreamxoxprincessxox

Michael - Michael.ireland

Brody - No Account

Scott - ScottTheAwesome

Travis - No account

Aaron Dyball - the reason the game was created and where the name comes from

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